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CE Product Marking and Foreign Approvals

We have found this a great product to sell in the UK . What do I need to do to be legal? Winning Solutions will give you a one days advice identifying the legislation and standard for your product in a chosen market place.

Are you too busy developing a product to have enough time to sort out the CE marking?

Does your business need training on CE marking and international product approvals? Customised training for your products for up to 10 people can be supplied.

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Case Study: Mobile Phone Industry

Background and Problem

The company is a wholesaler of Mobile Phones to many of the major players in the industry and has decided to become the first European outlet of a Korean mobile phone manufacturer. They had successfully sold the mobile to a major UK operator to be ranged by them with a £500,000 penalty clause for late delivery.

The project was allocated to a buyer with little project management experience. Early deliveries were late and failed initial tests so were rejected. The buyer concerned resigned giving only a half day's handover.

Actions Taken

  1. The first priority was to win the customer back on board. Once customer confidence was established there was room some flexibility to achieve the contract.
  2. Process of identification, allocation and resolution of actions was initiated and the 30 documented actions turned out to be 156.
  3. Communications were set up with Korean designers and CE marking and functional problems addressed.
  4. CE marking and SAR testing organised, controlled and problems explained to Korean designers.
  5. Packaging artwork designed, approved by the Operator, boxes manufactured and tested.
  6. Volume assembly process put in place with computer system for controlling and tracking IMEI's and SIM's with procedures.
  7. Bug reporting, tracking and testing system put in place.
  8. Regular project management meetings held with the customer were used to develop customer confidence and to control the project.
  9. Found UK repairer, planned logistics of faulty phones and parts and set up contracts with them.
  10. Also dealt with a problem found by Trading Standards on a different Chinese product.

The Result

The client Sales department morale rose as the operator started to invite them to bid for other work. The Product was successfully delivered fully functional, CE marked in correct packaging with SIM and IMEI's all correctly recorded and £500,000 penalty clause not invoked.

Set up system for managing future projects and trained staff in them. The product went on to be one of the fastest selling pre-pay mobiles in the UK that Christmas.

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